Copping On 

B- JP- Facilitators Guidelines Intro, 1, 2.jpg 

Copping On Junior Resource Pack

ZIP-package including 17 files:

B- JP- Facilitators Guidelines Intro, 1, 2.doc
B2 -JP-Facilitators Guidelines 3 Legal Definitions.doc
B3 -JP-Facilitators Guidelines section 3 legal.doc
C-JP-Facilitators Guidlines - 4 FURTHER READING.doc
SECTION 1Ice-Breakers.doc
SECTION 2 Intro to Crime.doc
SECTION 3 Relationships.doc
SECTION 4 Communications.doc
Section 5 Drugs Sense 1.docx
Section 5 Drugs Sense 2.docx
Section 5 Drugs Sense 2.pdf
SECTION 5 Drugs Sense.doc
SECTION 6 Right & Wrong.doc
Section 7 Resource Pack UNDERSTANDING THE SYSTEM.doc
SECTION 8 Evaluationsand Closure 2.doc
SECTION 9A - Literacy Support.doc
Section 9B Literacy Support Materials.doc


A-Introductions to pack.jpg

Copping On Senior Resource Pack

ZIP-package including 16 files:

A-Introductions to pack.pdf
B 1 -Facilitators Guidelines section 1,2 (1).pdf
B 2 -Facilitators Guidelines Section 3 Legal Definitions.pdf
B 3 -Facilitators Guidelines section 3.pdf
C-Facilitators Guidlines -FURTHER READING.pdf
D-Resource pack - Icebreakers.pdf
E-Resource Pack - Intro to Crime.pdf
F-Resource Pack RELATIONSHIPS.pdf
G-Resource Pack - COMMUNICATION.pdf
H - Resource Pack DRUGS AND ALCOHOL 1.pdf
H-Resource pack - DRUGS AND ALCOHOL.pdf
I-Resurce Pack - RIGHT AND WRONG.pdf
K-Resource Pack- EVALUATIONS.pdf
L 1 -Resource Pack Literacy Support.pdf
L 2 Resource pack Literacy Support Materials.pdf




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